I’m with you to the end of the line, pal.

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the winter soldier marvel

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists, but the ones that do call him The Winter Soldier. He’s a ghost, you’ll never find him.

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the winter soldier marvel

Are you a robot?

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almost human


I can’t overstate the importance of this movie, and specifically this exchange.

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whip it

"We came here for sanctuary. Is that what you’re here for?"

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The Walking Dead
to socrates, death was not a defeat, but a cure.

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lipstick game on point

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Black Hair Black Women


M-Malfoy? What are you doing here?
  AU: Where Draco and Hermione meet at King’s Cross on the way to teach at Hogwarts

dramione otp



This is literally a Tumblr classroom.



10 things I hate about you


GOD it just makes me so fucking mad was the reason he was telling the kids the story wasn’t to tell them how he met their mother, but how crazy in love he was with Robin.

The mother had nothing to do with it, the one person they had told us was the holy grail for the end of the series, the big mystery, was a character they pushed to the side and killed. 

That’s so fucked up. Telling your kids after their mother died how you’re in love with their aunt. 

"How I met your mother, but why I want to be with your aunt Robin and this will make you accept it more after I tell you all these stories."

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how i met your mother

I will never pass for a perfect bride. Or a perfect daughter.

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Mulan Disney