The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Four children in a Brooklyn group home are abruptly fostered by a mysterious Professor Pevensie and relocated to his house upstate. With their new foster father conspicuously absent, the children see much more of the friendly but quiet housekeeper, Mrs. Macready, as they try to transition into a life in which they have a spacious estate at their disposal along with the freedom to explore it. It’s a stormy day when a power outage leads to a darkened game of Hide and Seek, and Lucy happens upon a wardrobe that opens up to another world.

Quvenzhané Wallis as Lucy
Jaden Smith as Edmund
Amandla Stenberg as Susan
Larramie “Doc” Shaw as Peter
Taraji P. Henson as Mrs. Macready
Lupita Nyong’o as The White Witch
Danny Glover as Father Christmas
Idris Elba as The Professor

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I overheard this girl telling this Jewish girl that she didn’t believe in the bible, specifically Jesus and Judas and I am too fucking old to be surrounded by people who don’t know that all three monotheistic religions believe in the old testament or that Christianity comes from Judaism

That’s why I was so moved when there was Islam awareness week and they had a giant list of prophets they believed in and Abraham, Moses, Adam and Jesus were all on that fucking list. That’s right. Educate the idiots that try to make all religions out to be on opposing ends of each other.

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Gael Garcia Bernal?

:( I’ve only seen him in Amores Perros which I thought he was really hot and talented in, but his character was really dumb. 

Y Tu Mama Tambien is obvs on my list for Alfonso (and ofc now Gael as well)

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harry potter meme ϟ  eight scenes  (6/8)

let the pain stop, thought harry… let him kill us… end it, dumbledore… death is nothing compared to this… and i’ll see sirius again… and as harry’s heart filled with emotion, the creature’s coils loosened, the pain was gone; harry was lying face down on the floor, his glasses gone, shivering as though he lay upon ice, not wood.

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  reasons to love this romanian cutie

Seb being flustered and shy and ugh stop it  (x)

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bucky barnes isn’t a villain.

he’s a victim

the winter soldier Marvel

I’ll finish the rest tomorrow

I wanna read some Bucky fic before bed and if I wanna get better, I should probably sleep

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Jonah Hill

I’m probably the biggest Jonah Hill fan there is other than his own mother so this will be fun. 

I first saw him in the 40 Year Old Virgin in which I thought he was really creepy and annoying. From that film alone, I would’ve never guessed that he’d inspire me someday.

I don’t remember him in Click, but Accepted really put him on the map for me. “Ask me about my weiner!!” I watched that film religiously and it really helped comfort me when I thought I wasn’t going to get into college. 

Grandma’s Boy, he sucks on someone’s titties and that’s all I have to say about that. I used to quote him all the time in Knocked Up. I’m pretty sure my friends and family found it annoying, but it was just so fucking funny and he was such a dick.

Don’t remember him in Evan Almighty either. Probably because the film was terrible. Same with Walk Hard, Strange Wilderness, Funny People and the Invention of Lying.

Superbad was my shit. At least the entire plot before they leave the party is grand. Then he was back to being a creep in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and an idiot in Night at the Museum 2. Whoever thought it’d be a good idea for him to do voice acting is a genius. Get Him to the Greek is alright.

Wow everything I just listed is pretty boring because he was just getting warmed up and his awesome era starts with his first Oscar nomination.

Although I enjoyed him in Moneyball, I felt like he was just playing himself in that situation. 

The Sitter tho. He produced that and it is low key hilarious. Also there is an abundance of great black actors in it which is like ???? but I’m not complaining. 

Then he started getting serious by writing and producing 21 Jump Street which is a fantastic and creative comedy film. The cast is too perfect, the lines are more outrageous than Mean Girls (take that Tina Fey) And I am soooo excited for the sequel. 

He is half of the reason why The Watch is such a hilarious/bearable film. The other half is the insane sex on a stick that is Richard Ayoade. Idk who thought it was a good idea to put them in a film together or how anyone could survive being on set with the two of them without damaging a rib or two.

His cameo in Django Unchained was everything and I love how grateful he was for it. (FUCK I really have to watch that film again because every scene with Big Daddy was beyond hilarious)

Jonah was definitely my favorite part in This is the End. He was so annoying and so funny. I probably would’ve killed him. He was so fucking fake too omg. I wish he would’ve lived longer. 

And last but not least, The Wolf of Wall Street. He deserved an Oscar for playing this incestuous idiot. I mean, he came up with a lot of these lines off the top of his head and you can fucking tell because 1) Only his brain could come up with that shit 2) It’s funnier than anything Scorsese could ever write. The voice, the teeth, the mannerisms, wanting to swallow a live animal whole… Something’s wrong with the boy. I mean, have you seen his SNL episodes??????????

Jonah is everything and I really want to work with him someday. 

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thesecretrose said: bless this post. i need to watch some of those movies asap. also, if you like timothy olyphant have you seen justified? it’s hugely problematic but he’s cute in it.

It’s on my list for primarily for my Walton and Timothy thirst. 

I figured as much considering the lack of diversity.

thesecretrose GoT fills my problematic quota atm replies

hammandbuble said: If it makes you feel any better, he’s in Black Swan for like 2 minutes so


Now I have to watch that entire film just to see him for two fucking minutes

hammandbuble replies watch he be ugly in it too

thesecretrose said: Excuse my ignorance, but why don’t you want to see Black Swan? It wasn’t great in my opinion, but I only watched it for the ballet.

Because I hate Natalie Portman and shock value lesbian plots which people constantly praise it for. 

Also I read the plot and it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.

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Idris Elba

*EPIPHANY* I want Idris in the new Star Trek film. Idc as who. 

The first time I saw Idris was in the office. He was fine as hell and he has a very good deadpan. (Now I’m imagining him and Timothy Olyphant in an episode together and wondering how I would survive that) I was surprised that he wasn’t American and very very impressed.

Then I got into Guy Ritchie films and Mumbles was kind of the best thing ever?? He’s very funny and I like his range. The fact that he can make me crack up and sob, but we’ll get to the latter later. 

Obsessed was a terrible film, but I’d go crazy for that dick too, lbrh.

The Losers… terrible film, but everyone’s hot in it. I just don’t enjoy Idrissa as a villain. (Yes I refer to him by his full name. It’s purrty)

Then Heimdall happened and as much as I hate the first Thor film, I’d watch it for the fantastic casting that is Heimdall. He is the fucking best!! Esp with his scenes in the sequel. He’s really the only god who feels like a god to me. The rest are just doofuses.

He wasn’t in Prometheus nearly enough. I mean, they could’ve at least shown that fucking sex scene. And his accent was terrible, but he can only really do two. 

Do I really need to talk about Pacific Rim? Because I really don’t feel like crying… 

STACKER PENTECOST IS THE BEST FATHER FIGURE IN FILM HISTORY AND IF YOU DISAGREE, YOU’RE PROBABLY A CUNT!!! (Can’t go too much into this or else half of this entire post will be about Stacker and not Idris) He’s just a great representation for black men and fatherhood. I cry every time during that speech he gives to Mako about her protecting him. A DAD THAT SHOWS VULNERABILITY MAKES ME WANNA SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!! 

And I haven’t seen Mandela yet because I fucking suck. But Luther tho… I’ve seen some of it and the fact that he plays a genius on British fucking tv is amazing. I love the character and I really need to catch up. 

Idris has the weirdest sense of humor, he’s witty, he’s a good dad, he’s the tallest man I’m attracted to, he nasty, he’s not in nearly enough films, he has a habit of befriending my wives (Naomie, Lucy and Rinko) and taking them to Jay-Z concerts n shit. Idk, he’s too pretty. I feel like we could rule the world together.

O.O Imagine him doing voice work for smth!!! That shit would be intense.

This is why I don’t get upset when people cast him in everything, because he fucking deserves to be in everything.

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SEBASTIAN STAN *mine is an evil laugh*

I fucking hate you.

Ok so. I’ve known about this strange critter for 3 years now (I just looked at his filmography and am really fucking upset because I vowed to myself that I’d never see Black Swan…image

) I just never cared for him until now.

His filmography is just basically “I intended to see that but never did” which means my laziness has been cockblocking me for the past 8 years.

And even when he was constantly on my dash, I thought he was overrated. I remember when he was on OUAT, I was like “Oh that’s that ‘cute’ guy” 

Like literally last month his oiled abs were all on my dash and I was just like “That’s nice”. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME????????

I feel like my relationship with Sebastian is that he’s been hot this entire time, but I’m the last to notice and now he’s reached a level of unobtainability like this is some bad 80’s film or some shit. 

That being said, I still think he’s ugly/attractive. For example Michael Shannon is ugly cute and Jon Bernthal and Javier Bardem are ugly hot just like Sebastian. But the more I look at him, the cuter he’s getting and I don’t like that because this is all happening so fast. It usually takes me several films and years for me to like someone. 

And he was perfect for the role of Bucky because he can go from happy 40’s hottie to empty Winter Soldier. (There needs to be an Oscar for casting, I’m telling you) And like I was saying about him not being on my radar, I for real did not care about Bucky in the first film. Didn’t find him cute, interesting or anything. You could cut him out of the film and I would’ve felt the same. So to go from a character that was invisible to me to my newest obsession is beyond impressive. 

I hope this gets him more roles. (omg, I love him without knowing what his booty looks like. The world is ending y’all)

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Realizing how hard it’s gonna hurt when rewatching the first Captain America film. 

My reaction to Bucky’s death my first hundred viewings:

My (predicted) reaction to Bucky’s “death” for the first time after being destroyed from The Winter Soldier:

bucky barnes the winter soldier hammandbuble


Btw ladies, I can’t do Anthony because been there done that.

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